STEM® can provide dedicated services for any boutique hotel & Restaurant owner. Relationships are approached and managed on a case-to-case basis. STEM® only works with True Boutique Hotels & restaurants in any location.


  • STEM offers complete Property Management, including pre-opening/opening Management

Quality Assurance Program

  • Detailed quality check specifically designed for true boutique hotels
  • Quality check for individual properties or multiple properties
  • Guidance program for ownership
  • Qualitative and quantitative program – 10000 points
  • Trained mystery shopper

Hands-On Consultancy

  • Provide solid advice and guidance on A LA CARTE basis
  • Work solely and directly with ownership in complete transparency
  • To provide measurable targets and goals for properties
  • Trouble shooting the hotel
  • Conceptualization - Pre-pre opening and opening are a specialty

Every STEM® True Boutique Hotel is a Lifestyle Hotel.
But not Every Lifestyle Hotel is a STEM® True Boutique Hotel.